Penyuluhan Kesehatan Bahaya Makanan Yang Mengandung Zat Kimia Pada Murid Sdn 06 Balai Talang Kecamatan Guguak Kabupaten 50 Kota

  • Chairani Chairani STIKes Perintis padang
  • Suraini Suraini STIKes Perints Padang
  • Erawati Erawati STIKes Perintis Padang
  • Renowati Renowati STIKes Perintis Padang
  • Anggun Sophia STIKes Perintis Padang
Keywords: Bahaya Zat kimia, penyuluhan kesehatan, makanan


Optimal growth and development of children depends on providing nutrition with good and correct quality and quantity. The provision of nutrition or food intake for children can not always be carried out perfectly, often problems arise, especially in feeding improper and distorted foods, irregularities in food consumption for children which is often a problem is the consumption of snacks at street vendors or stalls around the school. Community Service Activities are aimed at students at SDN 06 Balai Talang, Guguak District, 50 Kota Regency, where there are still many surroundings / outside the school environment. There are still many diverse children's snacks with striking colors that are thought to reflect hazardous chemicals. The method of activity is in the form of counseling using infocations, laptops and leaflets. The results of the activity showed health education about the dangers of food containing chemicals present in food and various nutrient contents needed by the body. It was generally obtained that there was an increase in student knowledge of about 90% of students being able to mention again the nutrients needed by the body and chemicals that is in food and the danger to health if you consume foods that are too much chemical.