Edukasi Anemia Dan Pemeriksaan Hemoglobin Pada Anak Sdn 50 Kampung Jambak Batipuh Panjang Kecamatan Koto Tangah Padang

  • Renowati Renowati STIKes Perintis Padang
  • Anggun Sophia STIKes Perintis Padang
  • Irma Yanti STIKes Perintis Padang
Keywords: edukasi, anemia, anak SD, hemoglobin


Anemia is a condition in which a decrease in hemoglobin levels or decrease in the number of red blood cells circulating in the body than normal value based on age, gender and physiological. Anemia can be caused by malnutrition, which is a deficiency of one or more essential nutrients and non-nutritional problems, such as excessive blood loss. One of the causes of anemia are stunting. The prevalence of stunting in children of SDN 50 amounted to 19.35% or four short student and two students are very short and the results of the hemoglobin level was 10.80 g / dl. This suggests that the children of SDN 50  a significant problem category anemia.